155 ST-GEORGES ST, WINDSOR Purchase in may 2015 of a 3,506 sqft commercial building with 7,567 sqft of land, having National bank of Canada as sole tenant.

PRICE: $675,000
3815 INDUSTRIAL BLVD, SHERBROOKE Purchase in October 2015 of a 6,400 sqft industrial building with 84,121 sqft of land, having Bell Canada as sole tenant.

PRICE: $575,000
505 RUTHERFORD, GRANBY Purchase in October 2015 of a 5,620 sqft industrial building with 70,815 sqft of land, having Bell Canada as sole tenant.

PRICE: $525,000
PORTEFOLIO FINANCING Financial package, environmental reports, appraisal report for obtaining a first mortgage involving six properties.

MORTGAGE: $3,770,000
4935 BOURG ST, CITY OF ST-LAURENT The 4935 rue Bourg, St-Laurent is an industrial building of 54 784 sqft (18' ceilings) including 134 372 sqft of fenced land. Consultant for the land decontamination, lease structure, financial package, appraisal report and the new mortgage

MORTGAGE: $2,725,000
CARREFOUR DUNANT Purchase in December 2011 of a mall of 43 881 sqft located at 1515-1585 Dunant St, Sherbrooke, Qc. The principal tenants are Korvette Store, Esso convenience store, Subway.

PRICE: $2,950,000

4355 BOURQUE BLVD, SHERBROOKE Purchase in November 2011 of a 7,700 sqft commercial building with multiple tenants including Enterprise-rent-a-car.

PRICE: $810,000
L'ESPÉRANCE PORFOLIO (1) The l'Espérance portfolio (1) is composed of 2 industrial buildings, for a total of 227,500 sqft, located in the industrial parks of Sherbrooke, Granby. The lessees are all multi-national corporations.

SALE PRICE: $12,000,000.
L'ESPÉRANCE PORTFOLIO (2) The 4935 rue Bourg, St-Laurent is an industrial building of 54 784 sqft (18' ceilings) including 134 372 sqft of fenced land. The building is currently leased by 2 international companies.

SALE PRICE: 2 500 000.$

AUBERGE MONT-ORFORD Sold in July 2010, l'Auberge du Mont-Orford is a hotel composed of 22 condo units, conference room, common areas, a restaurant and bistro. It's situated on 4 acres of land located at the entrance of the city of Magog.

SALE PRICE: $1,500,000.

360 ADOLPHE-CHAPLEAU, BOIS-DES-FILION Acquisition in July 2010 of 2 commercial condo units (total of 1407 SQFT) located at Bois-des-Fillion. The condos are rented to a driving school and an optometrist.

LE VÉGÉTARIEN PORTFOLIO Sale, in August 2008, of the Végétarien Portfolio composed of 5 commercial properties located in Sherbrooke, Drummondville, Magog and Trois-Rivières.
The total square footage of the properties is 128 881 sqft.

SALE PRICE: $18,650,000

ROCENDEL PORTFOLIO Sale, in May 2007, of the Rocendel portfolio composed of 3 commercial properties located in Sherbrooke and Magog and totaling 120 684 sqft.

SALE PRICE: $13,515,000

HADDAD PORTFOLIO Sale, in May and November 2006, of the Haddad portfolio composed of 2 commercial properties with a total square footage of 28 000 sqft.

SALE PRICE: $9,500,000
PLACE ANDREW PATON Sale, in September 2005, of a commercial and office property with a total square footage of 40 000 sqft located at 35-65 Belvédère Nord, Sherbrooke (Quebec).

SALE PRICE: $3,950,000

4355 BOURQUE BLVD, SHERBROOKE Acquisition, in December 2002, of a commercial building of 7,700 sqft located at 4355 Bourque blvd in Sherbrooke (Quebec).


Leasing, in July 2006, of a commercial space of 2,500 sqft to Enterprise Rent-a-Car for $450,000 over 10 years.

Leasing, in August 2007, of an office space of 2,500 sqft to Gentel Sécurité for $46 800.

Leasing, in June 2008, of a commercial space of 2,700 sqft for 10 years.

Sale of the building in August 2008 to Voyages Escapades 2000 inc., lessee of the 2,700 sqft commercial space.

SALE PRICE: $485,000.
234 DUFFERIN, SHERBROOKE Sale, in March 2005, of an office building totaling 60 000 sqft located at the 234 Dufferin, Sherbrooke (Quebec).

SALE PRICE: $1,450,000.

Participation as a manager in the building's development, the lease renewals, the re-organisation of the common areas following the BOMA method, the increase in revenues as well as the profitability and resale of the building in October 2006.

SALE PRICE: $2,400,000.
LARKIN BUILDING Acquisition, in December 2005, of an old textile factory totaling 40 000 sqft over 4 storeys and located at 19-35 King St West, Sherbrooke (Quebec).


Following the development of the new building concept of commercial condos and residential lofts, Gérard Desbiens sold his 50% share in the corporation in June 2007.
2630, KING ST WEST, SHERBROOKE Acquisition, in June 2003, of a commercial and office building of 20 000 sqft, located at the 2630 King Street West in Sherbrooke (Quebec).

PURCHASE PRICE: $1,190,000.

SHERBROOKE GOLF CLUB Sale of the business and buildings of the Sherbrooke Golf Club in January 2007.

SALE PRICE: $3,200,000.
Acquisition, in March 2003, of a parcel of land for $325,000 for Gestion Christian St-Pierre inc. The land has an area of 21 acres, located in Magog at the corner of Highway 55 and Bourque blvd, and was used to implement a new Honda dealership.

The land surrounding the dealership is currently under development.

Real estate consulting for the implementation of the Magog Honda dealership, costing $4,000,000, and the warehouse, costing $1,200,000.

1615 à 1625 SHERBROOKE ST, MAGOG Sale of 2 residential rental properties totalising 62 apartments, located at 1615-1625 Sherbrooke St, Magog (Quebec).

SALE PRICE: $1,730,000.
1175 KING ST WEST, SHERBROOKE Sale of a restaurant, L'Olive Bleu, in June 2007.

SALE PRICE: $162,500.

Following the sale, Gérard Desbiens negotiated a new lease agreement with the owner. The lease's total rent is $250,000.
11 VICTORIA, SHERBROOKE Leasing of the building located at 11 Victoria St (Sherbrooke) to the well-known and highly rated chef Alain Labrie, to establish his restaurant La Table du Chef.

The total lease amount is $605,000.
SAINTE-THÉRÈSE CHURCH Acquisition in July 2002, for Les Entrepôts Distrie-Plus Ltee, of Sainte-Thérèse Church as well as the presbytery located at the 1175 King St West in Sherbrooke (Quebec), for a total price of $325,000.

The property consists of a church of 13,000 sqft and a presbytery of 3,000 sqft, on a land of 60,000 sqft. Gérard Desbiens participated in the development of an art gallery, in the elaboration of the common fee budget, in the leasing negociations with the artists and in the management of renovations, worth over $1,000,000.
RUE DES ABÉNAQUIS, SHERBROOKE Acquisition, in March 2005, of a parking lot with a total area of 16,931 sqft located on Des Abénaquis Street in Sherbrooke.


Resale of the land in October 2006.

RESALE PRICE: $63,500.
4255, CHEMIN RHÉAUME, SHERBROOKE Leasing, from November 2004-present, of an industrial building of 28,000 sqft. This lease was the subject of 3 renewals. The total amount of the lease is $410,000.
REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT Since 1992, Gérard Desbiens managed a total of 700,000 sqft of commercial, industrial and office buildings for different clients, including Les Entrepôts Distrie-plus Ltée, Les Placements André L'Espérance Ltée, Les Industries Dettson, Ophtal, Sherbrooke Honda, Diamond-Trust, et Hudson's Advisors.
LEASING Since 1992, Gérard Desbiens has negotiated leases of office, commercial and industrial spaces for many clients, either lessors or lessees, including: Les Placements André L'Espérance, Les Industries Dettson, Ophtal, Canderel, MCA Valeurs Mobilières, Citifinancial, Diamond-Trust, Hudson's Advisors, Salon funéraire Dupuis, Gestion Limar, Sport Wellington, Waterville TG, Développements Iberville, La Croix-Rouge, Voyages Escapade 2000, La Fédération Interprofessionnel de santé du Québec, Interstar Materials inc., STP Équipements, Prado, Les Produits Innovaplas, La Fondation des Maladies du Coeur, Sherbrooke Honda, Gestion Christian St-Pierre inc.